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Wednesday January 23rd 2019
Genuine 12-qubit entanglement on a superconducting quantum processor.
Ming Gong et al.
Discussion leader: Ramiro


Ramiro 23rd Jan 2019
Nandini 30th Jan 2019
Niels 6th Feb 2019
Thijs 13th Feb 2019
Alessandro 20th Feb 2019
Elmore 27th Feb 2019
Xavi 20th March 2019
Adriaan 27th March 2019
Filip 3rd April 2019


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Recent Journal Club papers

Wednesday January 16th 2019
Fast, High-Fidelity, Quantum Non-demolition Readout of a Superconducting Qubit
Using a Transverse Coupling
Bryan T. Gard, Kurt Jacobs, José Aumentado, Raymond W. Simmonds
Discussion leader: Boris

Wednesday January 9th 2019
Experimental realization of a fast controlled-Z gate via a shortcut-to-adiabaticity
Tenghui Wang et al.
Discussion leader: Francesco

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