Journal Club Archive 2018

Wednesday December 17th 2018
Repeated multi-qubit readout and feedback with a mixed-species trapped-ion register
V. Negnevitsky, M. Marinelli, K. K. Mehta , H.-Y. Lo , C. Flühmann & J. P. Home
Nature Volume 563, page 527–531 (2018)
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday December 5th 2018
Phase locking of a semiconductor double-quantum-dot single-atom maser
Y.-Y. Liu, T. R. Hartke, J. Stehlik, and J. R. Petta
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 053816
Discussion leader: Filip

Wednesday, November 28th 2018
X. Xue et al.
Benchmarking Gate Fidelities in a Si/SiGe Two-Qubit Device
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, November 21st 2018
S. E. de Graaf, A. A. Adamyan, T. Lindström, D. Erts,  S. E. Kubatkin, A. Ya. Tzalenchuk, and A. V. Danilov
Direct Identification of Dilute Surface Spins on Al2O3: Origin of Flux Noise in Quantum Circuits
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 057703
Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, November 14th 2018
P. V . Klimov et al.
Fluctuations of Energy-Relaxation Times in Superconducting Qubits
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 090502
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday, November 7th 2018
Abigail Shearrow et al.
Atomic layer deposition of titanium nitride for quantum circuits 
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, October 31st 2018
Gengyan Zhang, Pranav S. Mundada, Andrew A. Houck
Suppression of Qubit Crosstalk in a Tunable Coupling Superconducting Circuit
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, October 24th 2018
1. Jen-Hao Yeh, Jay LeFebvre,  Shavindra Premaratne, F. C. Wellstood and B. S. Palmer
Microwave attenuators for use with quantum devices below 100 mK
J. Appl. Phys. 121, 224501 (2017)

2. Jen-Hao Yeh, Rui Zhang, Shavindra Premaratne, Jay LeFebvre, F. C. Wellstood, and B. S. Palmer
Hot electron heatsinks for microwave attenuators below 100 mK
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday, October 10th 2018
S. Touzard,  A. Kou, N.E. Frattini, V.V. Sivak, S. Puri, A. Grimm, L. Frunzio,  S. Shankar, and M.H. Devoret
Gated conditional displacement readout of superconducting qubits
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday, October 3rd 2018
M. Ganzhorn et al.
Gate-efficient simulation of molecular eigenstates on a quantum computer
Discussion leader: Ramiro

Wednesday, September 19th 2018
Jianwei Wang et al.
Experimental quantum Hamiltonian learning
Nature Physics 13.6 (2017): 551
Discussion leader: Filip

Wednesday, September 12th 2018
B. Foxen et al.
High speed flux sampling for tunable superconducting qubits with an embedded cryogenic transducer
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, September 5th 2018
X. Fu et al.
eQASM: An Executable Quantum Instruction Set Architecture
Discussion leader: Xiang

Wednesday, August 29th 2018
H. Kurokawa, F. Nabeshima, and A. Maeda
Current and Magnetic Field Dependences of a Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Resonators
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018
Shibo Shu et al.
Increased multiplexing of superconducting microresonator arrays by post-characterization adaptation of the on-chip capacitors
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday, August 15th 2018
Yiwen Chu, Prashanta Kharel, Taekwan Yoon, Luigi Frunzio, Peter T. Rakich, Robert J. Schoelkopf
Climbing the phonon Fock state ladder

Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, August 8th 2018
X. Bonet-Monroig, R. Sagastizabal,  M. Singh, and T.E. O’Brien
Low-cost error mitigation by symmetry verification
Discussion leader: Xavi

Wednesday, August 1st 2018
Z. Wang, S. Shankar, Z. K. Minev, P. Campagne-Ibarcq, A. Narla, and M. H. Devoret
Cavity Attenuators for Superconducting Qubits
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, July 25th 2018
S. Krinner, S. Storz, P. Kurpiers, P. Magnard, J. Heinsoo, R. Keller, J. Lutolf, C. Eichler, A. Wallraf
Engineering cryogenic setups for 100-qubit scale superconducting circuit systems
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, July 18th 2018
Ali JavadiAbhari, Shruti Patil, Daniel Kudrow, Jeff Heckey, Alexey Lvov, Frederic T. Chong and Margaret Martonosi
ScaffCC: Scalable Compilation and Analysis of Quantum Programs
Discussion leader: Xiang

Wednesday, July 11th 2018
Edward Leonard Jr. et al.
Digital coherent control of a superconducting qubit

Wednesday, June 27th 2018
C. M. Wilson, J. S. Otterbach, N. Tezak, R. S. Smith, G. E. Crooks, and M. P. da Silva
Quantum Kitchen Sinks: An algorithm for machine learning on near-term quantum computers
Discussion leader: Ramiro

Wednesday, June 20th 2018
Fei Yan et al.
A tunable coupling scheme for implementing high-fidelity two-qubit gates
Discussion leader: Rene

Wednesday, June 13th 2018
David P. Franke, James S. Clarke, Lieven M.K. Vandersypen and Menno Veldhorst
Rent’s rule and extensibility in quantum computing
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, May 30th 2018
L.Hu et al.
Demonstration of quantum error correction and universal gate set on a binomial bosonic logical qubit
Discussion leader: Joep

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018
R. Cosmic et al.
Circuit QED-based measurement of vortex lattice order in a Josephson junction array
Discussion leaderNandini

Wednesday, May 16th 2018
K.J. Satzinger et al.
Quantum control of acoustic wave phonons
Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, May 9th 2018
Baptiste Royer, Shruti Puri, and Alexandre Blais
Qubit Parity Measurement by Parametric Driving in Circuit QED
Discussion leader: Brian

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018
P. Magnard et al.
Fast and Unconditional All-Microwave Reset of a Superconducting Qubit
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, April 25th 2018
Mathieu Pierre, Sankar Raman Sathyamoorthy, Ida-Maria Svensson, Goran Johansson, and Per Delsing
Resonant and off-resonant microwave signal manipulations in coupled superconducting resonators
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, April 11th 2018
Krysta M. Svore et al.
Q#: Enabling scalable quantum computing and development with a high-level domain-specific language
Discussion leader: Xiang Fu

Wednesday, April 4th 2018
K. Serniak, M. Hays, G. de Lange, S. Diamond, S. Shankar, L. D. Burkhart, L. Frunzio, M. Houzet, M. H. Devoret
Hot non-equilibrium quasiparticles in transmon qubits
Discussion leader: Leo DiCarlo

Wednesday, March 28th 2018
Christopher J. Wood and Jay M. Gambetta
Quantification and characterization of leakage errors
Wood, C. J. & Gambetta, J. M. Quantification and characterization of leakage errors. Phys. Rev. A 97, 032306 (2018)
Discussion leader: Adriaan Rol

Wednesday, March 21st 2018
Matthew Ware, Guilhem Ribeill, Diego Riste (Raytheon BBN Technologies), Colm A. Ryan, Blake Johnson, Marcus P. da Silva (Rigetti Computing)
Experimental demonstration of Pauli-frame randomization on a superconducting qubit
Discussion leader: Ramiro Sagastizabal

Wednesday, March 14th 2018
Zhenyi Qi, Hong-Yi Xie, Javad Shabani, Vladimir E. Manucharyan, Alex Levchenko and Maxim G. Vavilov
Controlled–Z gate for transmon qubits coupled by semiconductor junctions
Discussion leader: Joep Assendelft

Wednesday, February 28th 2018
S. E. de Graaf , L. Faoro , J. Burnett, A. A. Adamyan, A. Ya. Tzalenchuk , S. E. Kubatkin , T. Lindstrom , A. V. Danilov
Suppression of 1/f noise in solid state quantum devices by surface spin desorption
Discussion leader: Thijs Stavenga

Wednesday, February 21st 2018
L. Casparis et al.
Voltage-Controlled Superconducting Quantum Bus
Discussion leader: Marc Beekman

Wednesday, February 14th 2018
Lukas Grünhaupt et al.
Quasiparticle dynamics in granular aluminum close to the superconductor to insulator transition
Discussion leader: Nandini Muthusubramanian

Wednesday, February 7th 2018
Johannes Heinsoo et al.
Rapid high-fidelity multiplexed readout of superconducting qubits
Discussion leader: Brian Tarasinski

Wednesday, January 31st 2018
Hays, G. de Lange, K. Serniak, D. J. van Woerkom, D. Bouman, P. Krogstrup, J. Nygard, A. Geresdi, and M. H. Devoret
Direct microwave measurement of Andreev-bound-state dynamics in a proximitized semiconducting nanowire
Discussion leader: Florian Luthi

Wednesday, January 10th 2018
Fei Yan et al. 
Distinguishing coherent and thermal photon noise in a circuit QED system,
Discussion leader: Niels Bultink

Wednesday, January 17th 2018
Y. Masuyama, K. Funo, Y. Murashita, A. Noguchi, S. Kono, Y. Tabuchi, R. Yamazaki, M. Ueda, Y. Nakamura
Information-to-work conversion by Maxwell’s demon in a superconducting circuit-QED system,
Discussion leader: Rene Vollmer