Projects for students

Interested in becoming a quantum mechanic?

This page is primarily intended for our local Bachelor and Master’s students looking for projects. BEP and MSc projects are available year round for very motivated students with an interest in superconducting circuits applied to quantum computing. We invite you to visit F033 for a tour of our lab. Please note that the first step to seeking a project within Quantum Transport begins by contacting Prof. Ronald Hanson (015-2787188, F032).

To learn about our subject

The general concepts of quantum computing, without reference to actual hardware implementations, are excellently explained in David Mermin’s book Quantum Computer Science. The lecture notes of the Cornell course out of which this book grew are available here.

If you know about quantum computing, and want to learn about its implementation using superconducting quantum circuits, we highly recommend the series of summer lectures (2007 through 2011) by Michel Devoret at the College de France in Paris.

Related courses at TU Delft

If you are a Master’s student at TUD, you may be interested in the following courses:

ET4340, Electronics for Quantum Computing, taught by Leo DiCarlo and Edoardo Charbon in the first and second quarters of 2014-2015. This is a joint course between Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, with both lecture (quarter 1) and lab (quarter 2) components. The first lecture is Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, at 3:45pm in EWI lecture hall F.

AP3291, Quantum Information Processing, taught next by Leo DiCarlo and Ronald Hanson in Spring Semester 2016.

Latest BEP projects

Maikel Van Der Steen
Modeling and Characterization of Coplanar Waveguide Resonators for Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics (2011).

Masoed Shakori
Accurate fabrication of the transmon qubit (2011).

Kain van der Enden
Characterization of internal quality factors in surface-treated and deep-etched superconducting CPW resonators (2014).

Latest Master’s projects

Josephine van Leeuwen
3D superconducting cavities for circuit quantum electrodynamics (2011).

Joost Groen
Circuit QED architecture with separate resonators for qubit coupling and individual qubit readout (2012).

Julia Cramer
Algorithmic speedup and multiplexed readout in scalable circuit QED (2012).

Niels Bultink
First applications of feedback control of transmon qubits: fast reset and real-time detection of quasiparticle tunneling (2012).

Maryna Meretska
Geometric optimization of transmon-qubit coherence (2013).

Christopher Watson
Deterministic entanglement of superconducting qubits by parity measurement and feedback (2013).

Master theses available upon request. Please contact Leo (l.dicarlo@[TUD])